I redeemed my $1 quilter cash today. My DD gave me hers because she said she didn't want $1 which forced her to feel like she had to use it at M*. I wasn't allowed to enter multiple numbers this year to save time going to the website. That just didn't make much sense to me.
My DD said that "they don't need my business any more". They have forgotten who got them where they are. Other companies offer low shipping on smaller orders and free shipping at $49 . She also said that most of the freebees are stuff you neither need nor want and would be stuff you would pick up at a trade show on a table. She doesn't use the forum, so she feels no real connection to the community.
. My other DD doesn't order from M* because she says she can always find what she is looking for at a better price and the daily deal just doesn't entice her. She likes to buy what she needs for each project and isn't interested in having a bunch of odds and ends hanging around in her limited sewing space. She is a decorator and makes such wonderful things.
Just thought I would let you know how other , younger quilters (in their 40's) are feeling.