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    Re: goldenstar

    Lots of interesting feedback here. I don't order a lot unless I see something that really catches my eye. This is because I have so many LQSs available to me, and I like to touch and feel the fabric, not to mention the stash I need to use up. That being said, I recently ordered yardage because I needed it for a border to match some precuts that I had purchased locally. It took a bit longer than I expected, because they were "locating" the yardage. While I wasn't thrilled about it at the time, it was found and shipped quickly after. So all in all, not too bad, and yes I did find something else to work on in between.
    As for the changes we learned about the retreat center, (I won't go into details here) in my opinion, they all made perfect sense. Whether M* is family run or by someone else, in the end it is still a business, and they deserve to be able to run it like a business.