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    Frustrated New Customer

    While I regularly purchase items online, I made my first MSQC purchase on June 13. I guess I am spoiled by other sites, because I felt it took longer than expected to process & ship (over 7 days for prepackaged items). The day after I received the shipping notice I received noticed that one item was back ordered. Not a huge problem, but would have preferred to know before the partial order was shipped. The email said the item would be shipped when it was in stock, around July 21. Well, within a few days the item was back listed for sale on the website, but nothing telling me it would be shipped. I emailed customer service twice about when the item would be shipped and to date I still have not received any response. The item is still listed as available for sale as of today.

    As much as I like the products and prices here, I am afraid this is probably the last purchase I will make due to the sad customer service.

    If anyone at MSQC can help, the order number is 650951.


    Re: Frustrated New Customer


    I feel your pain. I have not had that experience with M*, but I have with other companies. I would suggest you PM Al, as the people who process the orders may or may not read the forums. Al is the owner and he would be your best option for help.


      Re: Frustrated New Customer

      I would call the store directly. They can usually help get the problem solved quickly. If they don't answer keep calling back until someone answers.
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        Re: Frustrated New Customer

        .... I'm sorry you had a bad experience on your first order. M* has been growing so fast they haven't been able to keep up with things and thus their (normally wonderful) customer service has suffered greatly.

        I placed an order at the end of May and finally received the rest of it (one honey bun wasn't included with the original shipment) on Tuesday ... this week. So two months is totally unacceptable. I do truly love M*, but I won't be placing any more orders until they get everything back on track.

        My suggestion is to call, call, call..... but then do give them another chance when things are working again.


          Re: Frustrated New Customer

          I once had an issue similar to that. An order that I paced later arrived before the first order was shipped.

          Turns out they had sold out of one of the fabrics I had ordered. Eventually they emailed and asked if they could give me another fabric yardage instead. I made it difficult on them and asked for 2 yards of a cheaper fabric, saying to charge me the difference- but then it must have gotten overlooked because it took a couple of weeks for a response. I emailed back a coupe times... eventually two people contacted me from M*. I got my order with the 2 yards instead of 1 and was never charged the $4 difference.

          I did all via email, my preferred method of communication. Maybe it would be faster by phone.

          They were all nice. I understand that things are overlooked sometimes. What bothers me is when people are mean or won't apologize. This is my experience with the post office...
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            Re: Frustrated New Customer

            I have had some things not go quite right. However, they have the best ever customer service. They have always made things right and compensated as well. They are awesome. They even called me once when they realized they had not shipped one of my large orders, and I had been so busy at that time at home, I missed that I did not receive it. As I said, one of the best customer service groups around.

            I just never order online if I have a short timeframe.

            Thousands are happy - they for sure have 5 stars. Good place to give a second/third try.
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              Re: Frustrated New Customer

              I've never had a problem with M* customer service, or the quality of offerings they have for me to enjoy. They offer more precuts than any other site or store... ever. They have this forum where we can come and talk or share daily. And yes, even complain if you must. No other online store or shop offers a DD for me to grab at a moments notice to build my stash.

              I believe if you are banking your whole experience on one shipment, then you didn't really give them a chance. They receive thousands of orders a day, they have opened three new shops, they are working endlessly to try to keep up with the demand. We all know things can happen, I'm glad that the overall theme of this forum is happy, return customers who understand they are growing in leaps and bounds and things take time. We're all adults here, (I believe).

              7 Days turn around on an order is not a long time, that is just about standard based on my experience with many different online shopping sources. But, I do hope if you leave us, you find what keeps you happy where you do shop.


                Re: Frustrated New Customer

                I think they're probably experiencing growing pains.


                  Re: Frustrated New Customer

                  Originally posted by quiltsRfun View Post
                  I think they're probably experiencing growing pains.
                  They started the move from a 5,000 sq ft warehouse to a 42,000 sq foot warehouse that they built themselves this weekend, they are loading up anything that can carry stuff to move it and get it in there and organized. I have been there twice this week, and both times there was a steady stream of people lined up to see Jenny, for her to sign books or to get a pic with her. The girls are cutting fabric as fast as they can, and restocking the items sold out over the weekend.

                  And you know what? They read this, they see the kind and the unkind comments. They stress over it and they feel it. This is their baby and they have worked hard to get here. They deserve all the uplifting comments we can give them if you ask me. The more they grow, the more they have to offer us. KWIM?


                    Re: Frustrated New Customer

                    And you all know what? If I didn't live all the way in New Mexico I would have been there, with both my trucks, to help them move stuff.

                    I am a repeat customer. Yes, I have seen delivery times stretch out into two weeks or more at certain times. I've seen items be out of stock when I really wanted to order it now. But I have NEVER gotten poor customer service from the people working there. If you are equating poor customer service with you not getting your order in two days, then you are miss-categorizing your complaint. Something taking longer than you thought it should take isn't a reflection on the customer service or the people providing it, it falls into order fulfillment or shipping. I recently got an order that contained a layer cake, a black t-shirt and a M* sticker. Nothing was placed in a plastic bag. There were little pieces of thread all over that t-shirt from the layer cake and the sticker was half-peeled off and fuzzy. It was a newer guy in shipping that filled my order. I sent Al an email and let him know that someone is shipping was losing their standards in trying to get things out quickly. Not using that plastic bag, which I have gotten every time before made a huge difference. Al offered to replace the shirt and sticker. I told him that the shirt will be fine when I wash it, just having that layer cake in plastic protects it just that much more when my postman leaves it on my porch. Luckily we don't get much rain here so it wasn't an issue. I would have really been upset had my layer cake been wet. So Al forwards my email to the heads of shipping and they will bring it up at the next morning meeting and there is a really good chance that a shipment will not go out like that again.

                    Helpful reminders or constructive criticism go a lot farther in instances like this than threats of never shopping with them again.

                    The company is in a transition right now - I'll hang on for the ride until they have settled in to their new shoes. MSQC and the entire Doan clan (and their employees) are well worth a few bumps.
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                      Re: Frustrated New Customer

                      I have never had issues with orders -- I assume if I need something NOW I need to go to my LQS, where I will pay considerably more for the same item - if they even carry it. I have sent 2 quilts to have them machine quilted and with the last quilt I received a personal phone call because they were concerned that the pattern I had ordered was much larger that it appears on the computer screen and would not look right with the design of my quilt. We chose a different pattern over the phone and I was so very appreciative of that call -- they wanted me to be 100% satisfied with my finished product (which I am) -- it would have been my fault for choosing the wrong pattern and I wouldn't have blamed them. I've had quilts done by a local long arm quilter and discussed exactly what I wanted and even though I was in the same city I didn't get a call if they had questions and the end product was very disappointing (and much more expensive). I've ordered from quilting catalogs and waited much longer for my products than I do when I order from MSQC. MSQC gets a 100% customer satisfaction rating from me!
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                        Re: Frustrated New Customer

                        You need to read today's blog from Al. I t would explain a lot. They have always responded. May not be as fast as I want but they have always taken care of the problem. I here for the long run. You can't find better customer service.

                        I really dislike how some never see any good in anything,,only the negative. They never claimed to be perfect.


                          Re: Frustrated New Customer

                          Unfortunately we live in a "instant gratification" world these days! I agree with isn't poor customer service...these people hop and skip on one leg with their hand tied behind their backs to make people happy! Honestly...there sole intent and purpose when they get up in the morning is to make us...the customers happy...hence the 44000 ft new warehouse! You won't find nicer business owners anywhere...

                          As for running out of an item, or something missing, or miss communication....yep that's gonna happen...happens EVERYWHERE, every day! The business runs on the human factor....humans make mistakes...take it or leave it! They offer fantastic deals, awesome shipping charges and provide FREE lessons in quilting, all the while stopping and chatting throughout their day with on site visitors. These wonderful people run a great business! I'm sorry you aren't happy...but frankly you are probably in the minority on this forum....We are true blue jennykrishna's here!!
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                            Re: Frustrated New Customer

                            Don't shoot the messenger!

                            I have had 3 orders with M*, and they all were delivered completely, and within an acceptable time frame. I am a satisfied customer. And, with that being said - here are my other thoughts.......

                            I am aware that there have been problems with some deliveries - particularly with the June 13 orders, as they were much higher than expected. Long term customers seem to be okay with such delays, and are willing to accept that the growth and change of this company as acceptable reasons for such delays. But, I can understand how a new customer would not be as willing to do so. A new customer would not even be aware of all the changes taking place. Their opinion of a company is based upon their experience with that company. And I do question how many would be as understanding with another company if they had problems with their first order with those companies. I also question how many would send constructive criticism rather than just deciding not to deal with that company again. Be honest folks, with me and with yourself.

                            It IS unacceptable for two emails to not be returned. I worked for over 20 years in business, and one of my major jobs was to teach customer service. So, I repeat, it is unacceptable for two emails to not be returned. With this being said, I can accept that M* is not a company that purposefully ignores emails. However, if they have not already done so, they need to find a method of catching up on the emails they missed.

                            While I applaud their growth, there is such a thing as too much. Perhaps if they had gone a bit slower, these problems would not have occurred. (and perhaps not!) I am sure they made decisions based upon the best information they had at the time. I sincerely hope that they will be able to re-establish their excellent customer service, if they have not already done so.
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                              Re: Frustrated New Customer

                              I am sorry that you feel this way. Your order was placed on the Friday the 13th sale that included free items. I am sure that they had more response to that sale than they expected - no one wants to pass up a free item. I suggest that you contact Al - he is BillNye on the forum with a private message or email one of the help links.

                              I love this company and all of the family and employees that work for them. I plan to visit them - hopefully someday soon.

                              M*QC forum is full of the best people!

                              I'm not just buying fabric, I am supporting the economy...

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