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Where to find a Moda fabric/pack

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    Where to find a Moda fabric/pack

    I KNEW I should have bought several of these charm packs when I saw them but..... Is there anywhere to buy "old" charm packs? I am looking for Moda Birchwood Lane. I must have bought it last year Aug/Sept to use in a class where we made a beautiful runner. I needed a 'thank you' gift for a family we were staying with so I grabbed the runner thinking I'd just make me another one. NOT! I could not find any more of the charm packs. Does anyone have any ideas. I'd appreciate any help. Also, if anyone knows where I can find Plymouth Roadrunner car fabric. I have checked quite a few of the sites on E-Bay and there doesn't seem to be much out there. A friend said she found some several years ago so I do know it was available "once upon a time". Thank you.

    Re: Where to find a Moda fabric/pack

    haha! That is the worst! I have so much fabric in my stash that I thought "I'll just get it now and if I like it when I get home, I'll get more" I've adopted the buy at least enough to do something with it philosophy when I shop (3-4 charm packs at a time, etc).

    As to what to do now, google is gonna be your best friend. MSQC has actually had several older lines up on their site, but I haven't seen Birchwood Lane around. Good luck!! If nothing else, it will make a good doll quilt right