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    Jenny's not immune

    I just watched Jenny's video on the advent calendar, even she took a hit from the shipping monster, she said she shipped a package, and 4 weeks later, it still hadn't arrived. They said they couldn't locate it, they lost it!!! She should have said who the shipper was, but she's to polite to do that!! So, if even they get screwed by whoever it was, you'd think they might think about changing but I don't think so.... the bottom line.... is cheap rates for them. They're not about to change period!
    There are moments which mark your life, moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same. And time is divided into two parts, Before this and After this

    Yes, it happens to every shipper. Hopefully, they know where in the system the last tracking occurred.

    There are reasons that packages are lost. I've seen packages strewn across the interstate roadways from carrier accidents. The label/boxes can be damaged from sorting, rain, etc. I always double box and double address label items. Easy to print the second label. The label is covered with tape to protect the writing. The box is closed securely with tape. It's a small cost for the box and extra tape.

    I received a package last week from a major clothing store. The box tape was torn. The clothes could have been removed. Luckily, everything in the order arrived. Easy to see why items are lost or not delivered.