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    Ravelry for quilters

    I have thought for several years that there should be a site like Ravelry for quilters. It is a site where you can go to find thousands of patterns and yarns as well as forums like this. I think MSQC would be the perfect fit to do this.

    I knit more than I quilt & I use Ravelry to find patterns like when I have 3 balls of a certain yarn I can do a search for what others have made and what patterns fit that weight of yarn and require that amount or less. Other times if I see a pattern I like I can see photos of others projects & what yarn they used and their comments on the pattern.

    You can also DM other users to ask for help or see if anyone has another ball of that yarn you just ran out of. I think all of these uses, and these are just a few, relate to quilters too..

    Maurine Cavazos

    A lot of members already use the forum if they have a need. There are techno- geniuses that can find fabric, and patterns in the blink of an eye (it feels like). You can private message members here, you can put out inquiries to all, so I think M* has pretty much done a lot of what you've mentioned by creating this forum. Some points wouldn't be appropriate for a private business to do as it would be a conflict of interests, and possible copyright nightmares.

    All in all, We love it here and you might want to give it a chance and learn you way around, first.

    Welcome to the quilting forum.

    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      I went to check out what this was. I think it's a cool idea, but this forum stems from a family business. I don't think it's in their wheelhouse to become a Pinterest type platform.
      🌺 Lorie


        It drives me nuts when I see blatant promotions such as this.
        You gots to risk it to gets the biscuit-