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    Growth Ideas

    I frequent Jordan Fabrics website, they are located in Grants Pass, OR. She does YouTube tutorials also, it's a family operation and have a couple ideas that you could implement for growth.

    Idea #1 - Precuts

    Matt Jordan precuts quilt patterns and shrink-wrap packages them. They specialize in log cabin pattern and cuts/packages in all the various fabric collections. I know many quilters does not like the pinked edges that the manufactures put on their precuts and could see a market where all the manufactures precuts could be done by an operation like yourself. They cut jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm squares, etc. The y also buy fabric in bulk and rewraps onto bolts for store display. Check them out.

    Idea #2 - GiveAway Quilts

    Donna Jordan creates YouTube tutorials on how to make a quilt, shows where to purchase the pattern if it is not a free one, walks you through how to make the quilt. Then they display that quilt in their shop. Then as some time passes, they give the quilt away. At the end of one of her tutorials, they tell viewers to go to their website and register to win a quilt previously made. Viewers go to the website and registers to win the quilt. They draw a name for the winner, ship the quilt to the winner anywhere around the earth. If you are a shopper, you routinely go to the giveaway page on their website and register to win the most recent quilt to be given away. This takes care of excess quilts building up and keeps their customers happy..... they get something for free.

    Idea #3 - Free Patterns

    Jordan Fabrics has a page on their website where they offer free quilt, and other sewing patterns, for free. You download various patterns absolutely free. I know MSQC creates their own patterns, could easily have a page on your website where you allow your customers to obtain a pattern for free, even if you only wanted to offer a new design free for a short period of time, I am certain your customers would appreciate getting something for free.

    Idea #4 - Retreat Housing

    I see that you are heading this route but with the number of empty stores, or to make better use of SQ FT above current store fronts, creating lodging rooms for quilters coming in for retreats. Most people are not wanting to share sleeping arrangements with strangers. I could see opportunities for up to 4 sharing a room, but not more than that. I could see where you could make use of the floors above your stores to make hotel rooms. The down side obviously is that retreat goers are older and have mobility issues so navigating stairs could be a problem.

    Just a few thoughts.


    The only thing I got out that, is that you want M* to be like Jordan Fabrics, and get stuff for free.
    🌺 Lorie


      Both M* & Jordan's have their own unique niche in the quilting world. We all get a free pattern from M* every Friday with Jenny's tutorials. You get at least 10 patterns in every BLOCK magazine. Jenny already has hundreds of tutorials on YT, & she's probably been at it longer than Donna Jordan. I'm not quite sure what the purpose of your posting was meant to be.


        Obviously you've not been to Hamilton. The upper floors are already in use either as more stores, video studios, office space, or in one case a small retreat type set up for small groups or over flow. More retreat rooms are in the works with handicapped accessibility being taken into account. Quilts are used for store displays, trunk shows and in the retreat center as well. M* offers a weekly tutorial, often with printouts for free. They also do contests and give-aways on social media.

        As far as packaging quilt kits, some people might like them,, some don't. It is a toss up. M* does sell quilt kits in their shops and online. You want more free stuff? Try attending one of their Birthday Bashes. A lot of merchandise is given away there.
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          two day member and this is what we get? not!


            Relax, folks. Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has one but they aren't all alike.
            TRUTH is seldom appreciated, unless you happen to agree with it. When you don't agree, you just call it rude.


              My first idea reading your writing, what do you do in this forum if you don´t like M*? I have been seven years as one of this fabulous forum and I am a customer of M*, but I am not in the habit of answering some people who only know how to complain about M*, and maybe they do not even know him, I know that I will probably never go to Hamilton although I would love to but sometimes I am offended by so many complaints and I think you have offended me enough to tell you that the best thing you can do is forget us and stop offending someone who only tries to live and help so mant quilters to enjoy their hobby


              • evy
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                Well said!

              Originally posted by auntstuff View Post
              Relax, folks. Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has one but they aren't all alike.
              I don't know. I think it's like someone you don't know comes into your house and rearranges the furniture.
              🌺 Lorie


              • auntstuff
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                They haven't "changed" a thing. Just suggested.

              • Suzette
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                I think you missed the point AuntStuff by taking her comment too literally. You don't come into someone's house and talk about how it could be better if only they did things like someone else.

              Personally I prefer M* tutorials over Jordan fabrics due to it's usually promoting a pattern. I don't watch them anymore since she always says "I can't give you the exact cuts" I have enough patterns from prior computer days. M* tutorials are 100% free and easy to follow. Comparing two quilt businesses are like comparing apples and oranges. Both are successful because they are different. M* started as nothing and is now an empire. I think you had good intentions but I think their business plan is working. They are the daily deal place so if you were to suggest to Jordon fabrics to do a daily deal is the same concept it's not their business plan as it's being done by a Walmart of quilt stores M*.


              • JCY
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                Jordan's does have sales. I subscribe to their daily e-m newsletter. It's not called the DD, but most days there will be a product that is discounted, either fabric, patterns, or kits. I recently ordered a Kaffe Fassett mystery FQ bundle on sale which is supposed to be delivered on Mon. IMO, M* still is the best, but Jordan's has its place as well, as do many other on line quilt stores. Maybe it's time to put this thread to bed.

              • Momofmonsters5
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                Thanks Joy! Learn something every day..I've never looked at their shop honestly. I'll have to check out the sales. I really like tutorials, shabby fabrics and crafty Gemini are some of my favorites. I love brain storming, I have a huge stash...I do struggle with background fabric though. Thanks again!! You're right this thread should be locked!

              Jordan's videos are very fast, but then i keep complaining about slow ones boring me so much I turn them off. So i know we can't please everyone. It's good to have many places to shop, so more power to all businesses!


                M* is great, Jordan's is great, they are different and that is what makes the world go around.


                  Both have their merits. I like Donna's videos and I also enjoy Jenny's. But still rude for Vikki to come here and post that as a newbie. Entitled to her opinion? Yes. Appreciated here? Not so much.

                  As for Donna not giving exact measurements, she often can't if using someone else's pattern. That would be like you buying the pattern then posting all the directions here. That is frowned upon because it cheats the developer out of sales of her pattern. However, having said that, I can always figure out the measurements on Donna's videos as she places her ruler down to cut and/or when she places cut pieces down on her cutting mat. I just pause the video and see how many inches it is. Pretty easy to do. Perhaps not totally kosher as that again means I won't be buying the pattern, but I wouldn't be buying it anyway.
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                    When I read this yesterday, I was flabbergasted. I honestly didn't know how to respond without being snarky, just my mood yesterday, I guess. So I kept my mouth shut.

                    Ideas are good to ponder, but it's not our business to run their business.

                    Is about the best thing I could come up with.

                    They have their niche, Jordan's has their niche, FQS has their niche Shabby Fabric's has theirs, etc. Each has their pluses. Look for the good and you'll find the good.
                    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                      Y'all are shut in too much and getting testy. Its a bit arrogant, perhaps rude, but how does it actually affect you in any way?
                      TRUTH is seldom appreciated, unless you happen to agree with it. When you don't agree, you just call it rude.


                        Some of the things Jordan Fabrics has wouldn't work for M* because they have such a high sales volume. Imagine the training and QC it would take to make enough hand-cut kits not to sell out in a minute for M*'s audience. M* is like an idea factory; the more than can awe and inspire us to make with their frequent videos, the more we want to buy! I think they've already begun to grow this way with Triple Play and the live video events. If I see a template used more than one way, or a quilt in at least two colorways, that lets me see more possibilities and makes me want to create.