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Way to go MSQ

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    Way to go MSQ

    I placed a order on July 8, which included fabric, with standard shipping, I received it yesterday via FedEx 7 days total time!
    It also, included a nice thank you from "Josh"
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    Last time I ordered, it was a daily deal (not fabric at all) and a template set. Took two weeks to pack and another roundabout week to get here. I needed a certain fabric and ordered from another business and had it in three days.

    No rainbows!


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      Editing a comment
      I've learned not to order on the FREE Shipping days.....but the last time I ordered the Daily Deal it came within 6-7 days and this was right after the announcement of COVID-19 in March.
      I think it depends on what it on the Daily Deal, if it's a FREE SHIPPING day (which I've vowed to not order on those days!) which might cause many people to order.

      I guess when you think about it, MSQC probably has 1000-2000 packages being mailed per day...(maybe not so much during COVID-19, but the amount of staff has probably decreased a lot too.....

      Like all places I think there's always room for improvement at times.

    I got my last DD layer cake super fast. I lived overseas waiting for a package doesn't bother me now.


      I ordered something yesterday, no yardage, and received email today it's being shipped out already. Of course who knows how long it will take to get to my house, but I am sure not complaining!