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Members List Shows Banned Folks.....Why?

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    Members List Shows Banned Folks.....Why?

    First, I know your folks have worked hard to improve the Forum. Fact is from my perspective that it didn't need fixing.

    Surely we don't need to see pages and pages of folks who were Banned from the site!! Filter them out! Yes, they may have been members and maybe you want that count.

    And, what about members who have never posted anything in several years? Is there really a need for us to view this?

    I know how hard it is for some folks and change, but this "upgrade" or whatever you want to call it, has really been a negative for me. Fix the color schemes, please. They are very very hard on the eyes.
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    I had to go back and have a look see. Yup, banned (but not me YET, lol)
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      In the past the forum had times when there was a lot of spam. I think that’s why so many are banned aside fro former members who were banned for whatever reason.

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      • KPH
        KPH commented
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        I was thinking the same thing.

      • MHG Winnower
        MHG Winnower commented
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        Thanks, Bubby. I figured as much, and do we really need to see all that junk?

      I went hunting the members list. I looked for my name and on the page with my name, of the ten members listed on that page ,9 made their last visit on the same day they joined.


        MHG Winnower ,

        Thanks for the heads up on this. I agree, no reason to list 1000's of spam accounts in the member list. I've gone ahead and removed them from the member list view. Let me know if you are still seeing banned members in the member's list.


        • Bubby
          Bubby commented
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          Thanks, Steve!!

        I went to look at the list to see if I had been banned for some odd reason and discovered there are so, so many versions of my name. Too funny!


          I would support the idea of removing the names of 'banned' individuals. If you want to archive it, for reference, we don't need to see it.

          Also I would support the idea of removing members who have never posted and not logged in for at least 2 years. While this may boast the 'number of members, when you see them as not posting, I would question that.

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          • EnumclawGramma
            EnumclawGramma commented
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            Removing members names who have not posted in 2 years seems kind of.....sad. We've had members come back and check in after prolonged absence and it's always so nice to "see" them, you know? If they have to re-register, we may not recognize them. Just a thot.