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Quilt show in Peoria, 2019

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  • catmama635
    Re: Quilt show in Peoria, 2019

    Thank you for posting these Judy! I especially love the first one with the applique - I can see why it took ten years.

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  • Granny Judy
    Re: Quilt show in Peoria, 2019

    This one I thought was made with circles then sewn together.. Pancakes? But when you got up close, it was raw edge orange pieces sewn over 9 patches with borders. Nothing fancy, but it looks complicated.. love the quilting done on each "orange peel." I put this one on my to-do list

    Orange peel template 2019.jpg
    org peel qlting. raw edge.jpg

    Some more memorable quilts that caught my eye.. and I thought I'd share them with you.. Keep quilting and making your master pieces... It inspires everyone who sees them and don't be afraid to show them off. Several had mismatched joined seams and point cut off. But they showed very well!!
    perceptions 2019.jpg
    pin wheel frenzie 2019.jpg
    professional qlting 2019.jpg

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  • Granny Judy
    Re: Quilt show in Peoria, 2019

    When I say large quilts, I am talking large enough for a queen or a draped double.

    10 yr applique work. large.jpg
    10 yrs in the making. applique wonder.. garden theme and this one will fit a queen bed!
    abuse 2 2019.jpg
    Abuse and NICU quilts done and donated- all sizes
    abuse 2019.jpg
    More abuse quilts including the ones on the bed!
    bargello w wave qlting 2019.jpg
    beautiful bargello and the quilting on this was horizontal waves. large
    blding blocks 2019.jpg
    Love the perspective of building blocks - large
    cat n box 2019.jpg
    Cats on shelves.. Nothing wasted with miss cuts.. large
    circles 2019.jpg
    Circles... love the template and quilting on this one.. circles - large
    la wonder. 2019.jpg
    I call this one Long Arm Wonder.. there is no spacing bigger than 1/4 inch on this one. Wow is all I could say when I saw it up close - large
    mineral matrix 2019.jpg
    mineral matrix - large. The colors on this one are much richer than the pic - large
    modern on to midnight. qlting 2019.jpg
    Modern quilt, and the quilting (if you can see it) is modern squares.. I loved that quilting. not to close together, either. Large Quilt

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  • Granny Judy
    started a topic Quilt show in Peoria, 2019

    Quilt show in Peoria, 2019

    2019 Gems of the Prairie Quilt Show

    Save the Dates!

    Saturday, August 24th from 9 am–5 pm

    Sunday, August 25th from 11 am-4 pm

    First Federated Church Life Together Center

    3625 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria, IL

    (Right off War Memorial)

    There is an admission fee, but I forgot to check the amount for this years show. hope to see some local quilters there. ** this is My guild** And those orphan blocks for the abuse center that you here at M* donated, are quilted by volunteers from this wonderful , giving group of ladies/gents.
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