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Missouri Star Academy 2018 Review

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    Missouri Star Academy 2018 Review

    What an amazing, informative 2 days of quilting and sewing information! There were 650 attendees, lots of volunteers, fabulous instructors and the fantastic MSQC employees. Huge thank you to Meg and Courtaney for all those hours of planning so the academy ran smoothly.

    On Thursday morning, we checked and received our wonderful goody bag which included a MSQC squeeze water bottle that we could refill from any of the ice water refill stations. First up was everyone meeting in the gym which was decorated in various quilts for the orientation kick-off including a video of the charity quilt donations from 2017. Then we headed off to classes. There were so many great classes that it was hard to choose which class to go to. Almost all of the classes repeated multiple times which meant if you missed it the first time, you could go back at a later time. Jenny did her trunk show each day. The only class that was not a repeat was Rob’s Trunk show which was held in the gym so there was plenty of room for anyone who wanted to attend. Classes sizes were mostly 40 people but several of the classes were larger. Even with that many people per class, it didn’t feel like that many people per class. Besides just the classes there were demonstrations available throughout the day in the various quilt shops. One of those I attended was really neat on thread art.

    There are so many things that I learned not just from the instructors but also from other quilters. One of the instructors completed 52 quilts last year doing all of the steps herself all the while homeschooling 2 boys under 5, blogging, designing, running a household, etc. She had many helpful hints and tips on how to get more quilting done. Toni from Timeless Treasures showed a variety of ways to use panels, and create items using fabric. For anyone who loves blue and white quilts, Edyta Sitar had a marvelous number of quilts to show us. It was neat to see products and fabric that were going to be hitting the market later this year. Or hear the sneak peeks of items that were in the works for the future. Several of the classes gave away free items from charm packs to fat quarters to mini kits. For me, a personal huge favorite was Edie McGinnis, former Associate Editor for the Kansas City Star Quilts. Her workshop was titled Using Up and Making Do. It was fascinating to see quilts from the 1800s that had very tiny pieces and the various ways that people made quilts. One quilt had finished squares of half an inch. There was one quilt that I just wanted to stand up and scream “that is the quilt.” My great aunt made a quilt in the early 1900s. But I never had been able to find out any information on the quilt which is very dear to my heart due to my great aunt dying before age 18 and my husband and I used that quilt on the unity candle table at our wedding. Edie had a quilt that was pattern and was able to tell me all about the history of the pattern. These were just a few of the many workshops that I attended.

    The MSQC Pop-up shop was there so we were able to get the daily deal and many of the books that the various instructors had wrote. This came in handy to be able to pick up a book for the Book Signing and Meet and Greet on Thursday late afternoon. There were also a few other booths of quilting related businesses.

    Our lunch was included in the registration. On Thursday, Hank and Tank provided us with BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, and coleslaw. On Friday, Hamilton Bakery did a lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, chips, cookie and water bottle. There were gluten free and vegan options available. MSQC provided an afternoon snack each day. And one of the delicious highlights of the academy was being able to purchase fried pies from the Amish gentleman. These fried pies are also available at the weekly Farmer’s Market in Hamilton on Fridays.

    The Trolley ran all day long free of charge to take people from the Academy to the stores up town. It was nice to be able to park the car for the day and not have to worry about trying to find a parking spot or dealing with getting in and out of a hot car.

    The MSQC Academy was tons of fun and very educational. It is also the perfect time to get to spend time with Jenny and other members of the Doan family. I would highly recommend attending.
    Mark your calendars as the 3rd annual academy will be around this same time next year.
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    Re: Missouri Star Academy 2018 Review

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I REALLY need to take the class from the lady who made 52 quilts last year!

    Thanks for sharing :-)


      Re: Missouri Star Academy 2018 Review

      I watched as much of it as I could on Youtube. I would have loved to meet Edyta and see her gorgeous blue quilts up close. I admire her work so much. I'm sure a grand time was had by all.

      Scottie Mom Barb