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Birthday Bash - Friday Report

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    Birthday Bash - Friday Report

    Another hot day. Lots of people but it didn't seem as crowded as last year. Maybe because there are more stores and that spreads out the people.

    Found Sandy, Bubba, and Deloris in the motel breakfast area. Judy and her hubby came down too. We then left for Hamilton. I got a primo parking space - in the front and between the retreat center and patio. I shopped a bit, then went over too the food truck parked across from the retreat center. Jenny's brother runs it. He believes in good food at a good price. Me too I had his breakfast burrito ($3.50) and loved it. While I was waiting for it to be made I chatted with the other guys working there. They mentioned that each day they have something new and today will be meatloaf. Guess what I had for lunch? Lol. Meatloaf and shredded cheesy potatoes ($5.00) I couldn't eat it all so I'll have the rest for dinner. Yum

    Then I had a little dilemma, should I stay and wander around for 2 hours or go back to my room in Cameron? Judy made my decision ready. They were headed back too, but she wanted to come back for Rob's show. So we all went back, rested, and we went back while her hubby stayed at the motel. But I had this primo parking space that I hated to give up! Wouldn't you know it, just as I was leaving I see Karen in her truck. I flag her down and give it to her. Hey, us forum peeps take care of each other!

    Back in Hamilton, we found Charyti, Karen, Marilyn (suntiemerm), Peggy Anne, and Jean at the retreat center waiting for Rob's trunk show. It's good to see everyone again! Oh gosh..... There were two others there..... But I can't remember their names! I'm sorry y'all.

    Anyways, Rob's show was... Enlightening. I have to admit I'm not a Rob fan. He's into different quilting than I am, and honestly he is so wound up I'm just tired after listening to him. I don't know how he can suck the energy our of me like that, but he does. He had a lot of his quilts and they are really intense and so detailed. I'm glad I went.

    Ok back outside for the quilt raffle and some birthday fun. The talked quilt was sold to provide funds for the county food pantry. Great cause.

    Jean, Marilyn and I had our tickets called for the block walk. Imagine 20 of us in a giant circle on the patio dancing around. When the music stops, you find the closest number and hope it gets called. So it's like a cake walk. But why the dancing? Ahhh, the judges give a small gift to the two best dancers. Our Marilyn won! Then they call the numbers... I won a nice fat quarter bundle! Sweet! Al even stepped in for a lady who didn't feel up to the dancing and walking. Gosh I wish I had a video of his dancing! He knows the moves!

    After that silliness they bring out the pinata. Swings are taken, some connect and a few spools of thread drop. Then Charyti steps up.... She scores! We score! Thread for everyone!

    So then we say our goodbyes to those who won't be here tomorrow and go back to the motel. Seaturtle and her family are there! But there's a little snag in their reservation. I had to leave them as my bladder was beckoning. But I hope they get it all worked out.

    So that's it for tonight. No half naked men.

    Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

    I am so sorry I missed out on the fun today but had to work. I hope I get to see some of you tomorrow if not I will see you on Sunday.
    Bernice :icon_wave:


      Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

      Sounds like you all had a fantastic day!! How's the weather??

      No half naked men????? As if you'd tell us if there were some!! I happen to know that 'what happens in Hamilton / Cameron, stays in Hamilton / Cameron.

      I so wish I was there with y'all.

      Keep us posted on the daily activities and remember, if there are no didn't happen.

      Keep smiling and enjoy!!

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        Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

        Sounds like an awesome day again. Thanks for the posting. I almost feel like I am there.
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          Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report


          Alan Doan and the M* birdie dancing to Shake Your Booty along with the other contestants.
          K is for Karen 😊​ Albuquerque, NM..................
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            Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

            Sounds great! I slept like a rock last night after all of the fun yesterday! Marilyn and I enjoyed a nice visit with Coffee this morning before she left. I'm glad she made it there. I'll see you tomorrow when we come back up for the Bash! Martin has something for Sprint in the morning, so I won't be there for lunch as I was planning... But, by 2 for sure. We have reservations at Blue Sage with Peggy Anne for Dinner. See you there!!


              Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

              Sounds like a great time is being had by all, so wish I was there!
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                Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

                love your posts Carol. ALMOST like being there but no fat quarters!!
                Grandma Nan



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                  Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

                  Thank You for such a great report!
                  There is a video somewhere on youtube of Al doing the Harlem Shake I believe......
                  someone who is there should beg him to post it here on the Forum, it's awesome!!!

                  Did I read "Naked Men" ????? what's that all about?! Probably has to do with Pat aka Bubba!


                    Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

                    The 2 men are here at the motel and to clarify they were only half-naked. I didn't see them .........yet.

                    And Seaturtle's reservation problem was worked out.

                    Carol was gracious enough to give me the ride back to Hamilton in the afternoon. It was sunny & hot for me ... 90 I think. Had to go back to cool down, wash up, and put on some dry clothes.


                      Re: Birthday Bash - Friday Report

                      Oh, I feel like I'm missing out on the real commaraderee of the forum. You all sound so close. Maybe someday...I can dream
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