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Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

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    Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

    I am hosting a retreat at MSQCs retreat center in June. It is NOT an MSQC sponsered event.
    But I have Jean's permission to post it here to let you know the details.

    What: Quilt Retreat
    Hosted: by Rhonda Woodsmall
    When: June 11-14
    Cost: for twin bed it's $207 for 3 nights
    some queen beds maybe available.
    Meals: I will be providing 2 meals and the rest will be up to everyone to decide

    I will be teaching some of my methods and projects. Not sure yet which ones.
    No we won't be having Jenny teach. The members I have already signed up elected to spend their money on fabric instead.

    Contact me for any more info

    I have 3 spots available yet and maybe a couple more depending on if Jean has anyone reserve them in the mean time.

    So if anyone is interested let me know!!

    I'm excited to be having it here and sooo looking forward to this!

    This will be the third time I've hosted a quilt retreat so hopefully I'm getting better at it!!

    My Blog -

    Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

    I can't make the trip ( sad face ) but hope you have a great turn out. Happy Quilting
    The best kind of sleep beneath Heaven above/ Is under a quilt, handmade with love


      Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

      Can you give a link to your blog or website or shop? Perhaps the guild or group that follows you? I'm not familiar with your name... but I would like to know what you mean by your methods and projects. Thanks!


        Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

        Bit of a hop from up here, but congrats on the event, happy stitching to all
        All I want is a hot cup of coffee and lots of time to Quilt! :icon_woohoo:


          Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

          I started out on the Quilting Board and wrote and sold 4 ebooks in 2009 and still there. Then I joined the Quilting Haven and am an active member there also.

          I have been keeping an eye out for a good active forum and until now everyone I check out is not very active.

          I am posting my methods on this forum slowly. I have alot to share so it will take time.

          In the meantime here are my links

          My websites:
          Bits n Pieces Workshop - a free teaching site
          Quilting Ebooks and Quilt Blocking Patterns -online store

          My Newsletter - Bits n Pieces Workshop

          My Blog - Calico Dreams Forever

          My Blog -


            Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

            The links didn't work for me... :9(


              Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

              That's because she didn't post them.

              Here are some of her links - minus her store.

              Bits n Pieces Workshop

              Calico Dreams Forever
              K is for Karen 😊​..................
              Cremation - My last hope for a smokin' hot body.

              Before you speak,
              T - is it TRUE?
              H - is it HELPFUL?
              I - is it INSPIRING?
              N - is it NECESSARY?
              K - is it KIND?


                Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

                You can find several of her websites/links here: Bits n Pieces Workshop


                  Re: Rhonda's Retreat at MSQC

                  Oops sorry. I thought I posted the links. will have to be more aware next time.

                  My Blog -