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    Babylock Crescendo

    Looking for a new machine and want to spring for a TOL this time. As a quilter, the laser beam on the Crescendo is calling my name. However, I've heard that it cuts the thread too short and I'm not about to give up my automatic thread cutter. Also, I've heard that the FMQ quality is poor. If you have experience with this machine, can you speak to this? Thank you! My machine now is a small Janome, which has been a workhorse, and I'm not opposed to another one, but want to check out all of my options. Local dealers are Babylock, Janome, Bernina, and Brother, although Brother is a little farther away. Not interested in a combo machine with embroidery (I don't think) - maybe a separate machine, though - one that has a free arm.

    Re: Babylock Crescendo

    I do have and very much enjoy my Crescendo! Love the laser especially when doing HST's no need to draw the diagonal lines. I do not have a problem with cutting threads too short unless I remove the fabric before the cutting is complete. As to FMQ, I LOVE it with my machine, I have had my machine for less than a year and I must say, my stitches look more even with each project. In-fact I was considering investing in the available stitch regulator, brought a sample of my work into the shop to ask some questions and they told me not to bother, the regulator would not make enough difference to justify the cost they told me.
    Hope this helps, feel free to pm with any additional questions, this is a large purchase and I am sure you want to make the best decision possible.

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