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Janome Sewist 525S sewing machine

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    Janome Sewist 525S sewing machine

    Wondering if anyone on the forum owns this machine. If so, let me know how you like it and if you would buy it again. I have a chance to buy this machine at a price of $150. Since it's a used machine I'm thinking that is a little too much. What do you think? Right now I'm using a Viking and it is so noisy. The Janome I have not test driven yet. Maybe you could give some advice?

    Found it on Craigslist and it's local.
    sigpicLinda :icon_wave:

    Re: Janome Sewist 525S sewing machine

    it seems to be a European machine. All the reviews I found were from the UK. One said she paid 249 pounds for it, I don't know what the exchange would be. $150 American sounds kinda high. I love all the Janomes I have had. They are very good machines
    Dolores :lol::icon_heh: