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Viking 960Q circular attachment

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    Viking 960Q circular attachment

    Hi, I have the Viking 960Q and purchased the circular attachment for it. I'm wondering if anyone on the forum has used this attachment for quilting. The instructions and CD that came with it do not specifically mention quilting and before I try quilting with it I and make a mess of my quilt, I thought I would seek advice from the forum.
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    Re: Viking 960Q circular attachment

    I do not have a Viking machine but do have a circular attachment for my Baby Lock machine so I am guessing they are similar in functionality. I have used my attachment for small projects with wonderful results. My attachment has an adjustable rail and a tack pin to hold the fabric in position while rotating the fabric as it sews. I do not believe the attachment would be capable of pulling the weight of a quilt let alone struggling to manipulate the quilt to the right of the needle; however, if you quilt each block then assemble your whole quilt, you should have no issues.