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    1/4" Is there a tool...

    I am currently experimenting with turning a picture into a quilt, I was able to draw out what I wanted, tested the feasibility of sewing the lines which all worked out great (I mean they are pieces with gentle curving so didn't expect much of a problem) but the sort of issue is now making the patterns for the pieces. I'm stuck in that trace each piece then take a hem guide, since I can set the mark at 1/4" going back and making my tick marks like I'm doing a connect the dots and then going over all those to get my pattern piece.... 2 days later and I'm still working on finishing the last 3 pattern pieces I need on a 68" x 18" picture. (Granted with lots of interruptions and breaks but still well over 6 hours of tracing for something that might take 2 hours of sewing lol)

    Does anyone know if they make a dual tip pen or marker that would have a 1/4" spacing? Or maybe 1/8" wide markers i could tape together lol, or would they need to be 1/4"?? Ugh getting confused now and tired of marking and seeing dots, just feels like there is an easier way to do this and I'm just missing it somehow.

    Not sure, but could you find some 1/4" washi tape?
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      found this so far. I am sure there must be pens out there, maybe for artists or architects.
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        The head of a purple thang is 1/4".

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          I think I read something about taping two pencils together... gives a 1/4 inch? Try it and measure the distance between the two lines.


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            Just tried it with 2 bic pens and winner winner chicken dinner!!!! A perfect 1/4" thank you so so much just made this pattern tracing so much easier! Its nice to be able to free hand draw something but was driving me crazy trying to then add the seam allowances. Now hopefully this will lead to far more quilts 😁, cuz after making 21 quilts predominantly out of nothing but scraps... it barely looks like I touched them lol. And I can only do so many squares and hsts put together.

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            Great tip!

          Glad you coukd figure it out. I would love to see your picture quilt when you get it together. Those fascinate me.


            Its nothing spectacular yet... 2 dolphins are going to be pieced and appliqued on but here's a preview, I had to do patterns because it required 2 seams and I wanted waves to be continuous.


            You can still kind of see the seams if you look for the jumps in the pattern of the fabric but otherwise they just flow along.


              That is going to be an awesome quilt! Beautiful!!!