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Q'nique 15R long arm??

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    I have been wanting a longarm since I started renting from a local quilt shop a few years ago and I recently (May 2021) purchased a King Quilter II Elite Special Edition machine which is actually a Handi Quilter base, so all the Handi Quilter feet and accessories fit it. I really like the machine and the main reason for purchasing it was the cost. I did not get the robotics because I prefer to free-motion quilt, use rulers and do pantographs. However, it has all the features I was looking for at what I believe is a very reasonable cost. It has an 18" throat and I have an 8' frame because that is all I have room for. I used to rent a longarm at a local quilt shop, but because of the hourly expense to rent, I felt rushed to get my quilts done; this way, I can take my time and and do more "custom" quilting other than just meandering. I am very happy with my purchase and wish you luck in deciding on a machine that you will enjoyπŸ™‚


      Well, I finally got my long arm!!!! My Dear Dear Lovely husband got me the 19" q'nique with a 10 ft continuum frame and the robotics as well 😍😍😍😍😍, I'm still reeling a bit from the price tag (just under 14,000 😱😱😱 for the machine, frame and robotics) but having finished my first quilt top I am so in love with it!!! And I already have my first "customer" who happens to be my husband's boss who fell in love with the 2 quilts I made last year for the office girls. So yippee its already paying for itself some lol. I'm still not sure if I'm going to do any quilts to sell to strangers or quilting for others for money, but I at least have plenty of options and getting pushed by the local Joann's manager to practice have fun and then give her my number for the multitude of customers she would love to send my way lol.

      Gotta love her πŸ₯°. Even without the robotics though it just moves sooo beautifully and is so easy to set up the quilts. I mean the learning curve non-existent. And about the only thing they could have done to make it all the more perfect would be auto-tension lol... the tension i will say is a little touchy. Half a turn one way or another leads to bubbles or skips. But a little practice on that and I think I'll be good... my viking kind of spoiled me for having to play around with tension.

      So yeah pretty much feel a little foolish for be so hesitant and so concerned would take quite a few months to get used to it and to learn how to use it. When it was more like an hour, 20 minutes getting the fabric pinned right to the leaders, 20 minutes playing around with tension, and then 10 minutes putting free motion through its paces (how fast or slow can this puppy go? Now how well can it spin?) And then 10 minutes playing with robotics.

      And yes thrilled my DH went for the 19" even though he now says he should have gone for the 21" after watching me out of the gate playing with it lol. But hey I love it! So thank you everyone for your insights on it, I could not be happier right now! And if anyone else was/is debating like I was, if you can afford it and have the room omg they are simply AMAZING! So truly easy to use, (take the time to level frame well) I've traced, just made it up as I went, and played with the carriage locks pretty much right out of the box and it did everything beautifully. Even easier to use and set up for quilting than the YouTube videos show, there is really no resistance in moving it around. And I could easily quilt 2 tops in a day with it once I get a kitty supervisor viewing space lol.

      Right now the kitties scratching and crying outside the door because they MUST watch it is a little distracting and while our little supervisor is good at staying in the chair the and not jumping onto the frame, our QC officer has been more interested in moving to production and will not stay off the frame. I might be able to sew around him being on my lap and even playing with the fabric while I sew but oddly enough the long arm doesn't like running into a cat on its tracks. I'm also now super excited for the GB to come visit and try her hand at it. I do believe I will have official made a quilting addict if I haven't already lol.


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        For tension quirks get the Towa BobbinTension Gauge: Ask them which one fits your machine. It runs around $50 and is well worth the cost. It takes hours off fiddling with tension adjustment. Best gadget I ever purchased for mine.

      Thank you will certainly look into it 😊