Update to my Ruler Foot issue: Anyone having issues with "skipped stitches" using an open toe FMQ foot OR a ruler foot please note the answer turns out to be very simple, the foot is too high. Yes it turns out that if the foot is too high it will cause stitches to skip all over the place. Simply lowering the foot a bit should fix the problem. I've had issues with my Brother machine for quite some time but today discovered the solution and it works great on all my FMQ feet. So great that a little adjustment could mean so much.

Hi, I have the Brother 1500S which I love but have always had issues with it not liking "open toe" feet. I use the Brother FMQ foot which has that plastic piece in the center for FM work but that won't work with rulers. I've purchased the Westalee starter set with the high shank foot BUT my Brother does not like it at all. I get skipped stitches, broken thread, and all kinds of odd stuff. I've tried everything I can think of (different threads, tension, etc.) but can't get it to work. Wondered if any one has had similar issues and how you resolved them.

Thanks so much for any help!