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Grace Sure Stitch Regulator Question

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    Grace Sure Stitch Regulator Question

    Hi Everyone! This past Monday I ordered the Grace Sure Stitch Regulator for my Juki Tl2010Q machine from Sew Vac Direct and I will be receiving it sometime next week. I just have one quick question for those that have it, could you please tell me how long the power cord is, the one that goes to the box as well as a regular outlet plug? I just want to make sure that my surge protector strip is long enough for it to plug into.
    Thank you.
    Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

    I thought that I own this, but I don't. Mine is basically just an on/off switch to eliminate the need for a foot pedal. (It's in storage right now, so I can't go look at the name.) I visited YouTube to see if the SureStitch is what I have, and it is not. But I may have found something that will help you!

    Here's an installation video for the Grace SureStitch. At 4:45, he starts to install the power cord, and it looks like it's longer than he is tall. In other words, I'd guess that power cord is 6' to 8' long.

    Hope this helps!
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