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Does such a thing exist?

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    Does such a thing exist?

    Is anyone aware of a sewing machine on the market that has a knee lift but is no more than $400? Even used ones on ebay go for more. It seems like such an easy mechanical feature that should be on all machines

    that would take some getting used to for me but as it is, my foot wants to cramp these days on the floor pedal!


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      A knee lift does not control the sewing. It just lifts the presser foot up/down. I have not seen a machine in years that comes with a knee control I do have one, a Necchi from 1959 that is beautiful.

    Originally posted by nativetexan View Post
    that would take some getting used to for me but as it is, my foot wants to cramp these days on the floor pedal!
    You reminded me of my cat that wanders around. I heard a noise and thought my new printer was doing something weird. My cat was standing on the foot pedal. She doesn't like carpet so she runs to each place like boulders on a river. She is so odd.

    okay that had nothing to do with anything. lol
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      I can tell you it's not my cats fault. i have two girls, one comes in and sits in the window. if she moves, out she goes. I tend to have a heavy foot on my pedal, be it sewing machine or car!

    Welcome to the forum. I can't help you with new machines, but I remember reading that Janome or Pfaff have model with knee lift. But I suspect that these will be expensive.

    My mom used to have a Singer with knee lift but I got rid of it years ago, now to my regret. However I did buy a vintage portable with knee lift for $30. I learned how to clean and oil it and it works likes a charm. I wish I could adapt all my machines to knee lifts. Good luck.

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      I would look on eBay for older high end machines honestly. My Bernina has one and it's an older machine but it was $900 used.


        My machine is on a cabinet I made, instead of putting the foot control on the floor I just attached it to the inside of the cabinet, then I just use my knee to push against it. I just measured where my knee was hitting on the cabinet and used 2 hanging hooks to hang it from. Or you could use hook / loop tape.
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          It's the presser foot lift, not speed controller that the OP was talking about.

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          I have moms old singer setup the same way Rarely use it anymore but it still sews perfectly

        New $400 sewing machines aren't gonna incorporate a "knee lift." Machines in this class are too light. Pushing on the knee lever could slide you machine right off the table unless it's fastened into a cabinet.

        There are a couple in the $600 neighborhood. Brother 1500 and Babylock Jazz are in that range.
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          Isn't it amazing how we become so dependent on some devices? My newest machine has a thread cutter and now I cannot imagine sewing without one! A knee lift presser foot would be the next thing I would find I couldn't live without. And to think I was thrilled when I first learned to sew on an old treadle Singer so I could give up sewing everything by hand. LOL

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            I have a brother pr420 with a knee lift. It is around that price range. I got it years ago to see if I wanted a computerized machine with fancy stitiches without spending a lot more. Look at those for basic sewing. I don't like the fancy stitches on it as much. My pfaff does much better with those and has auto lift.


              There's a Brother Sewing Machine that has a lift although the cost is $599.00

              The Baby Lock Brilliant also has a knee lift, but I'm not sure you'd find a new machine with this feature for $400. You might find a gently used machine for that purchase though! Good luck.

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