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Question about long arm services

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    Question about long arm services

    I just finished my first quilt top that I plan on having machine quilted. Read the FAQs and didn’t really find the answers.
    1) will MSQ check the back of my quilt to make sure I haven’t missed any tiny threads or fuzz that will show through?
    2) does MSQ press the quilt top before quilting?
    3) backing—I have enough 108” backing yardage that I won’t need to piece the back—haven’t measured yet but, I’m guessing my quilt is about 66”x 66”. Do I send the entire piece of yardage or a piece of fabric that is 74”x 74” ? If I send the entire yardage, will the excess be returned to me?
    4) does b2b really mean raw edge to raw edge (vs up to the border)
    5) if the quilter runs out of thread while quilting, how does he/she handle the ends? Is the thread just clipped close—I hope not. I could see the quilting coming undone in subsequent washings. Or, do they bury it in the quilt sandwich the way you would if hand quilting? Or do they leave ends long enough for you to bury in the quilt.
    6) with it being “CHRISTMAS” season I’m guessing the turnaround time is more like 8 weeks. That’s okay, this quilt isn’t a Christmas present. What I’m worried about is the fact I might be out of town for Christmas/New Years and don’t want it left on my doorstep or returned because I wasn’t home to sign for it. Can I give MSQ a range of dates that I will be out of town, so if necessary you can hold onto my quilt and mail it so it arrives after I get home?

    I think that is all. I’m so excited about this “first” quilt.

    Re: Question about long arm services

    I suggest you e-m your questions directly to M* or call & leave a msg. They will have the answers you need.

    Your other option is to find a LA quilter in your area. Do a web search or contact the local quilt guild. There usually are several LA quilters in any guild.
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