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Turnabout Granny Squares Pattern

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    Turnabout Granny Squares Pattern

    Hi! I am working on this pattern and have found a discrepancy.
    Cutting instructions are to cut sashing a at 11-1/2” x
    2-1/2” - but blocks are to be 11”.. I am assuming sashing strips to be cut to 11”!!
    However, it made me wonder if there was a place on your website for pattern corrections?

    Re: Turnabout Granny Squares Pattern

    In viewing the tutorial, Jenny says to measure your blocks and cut the sashing to match. Keep in mind that all sides of the block are now on the bias so it could be a little stretchy. If the sashing is on the top, the feed dogs will ease the bias to stabilize the block. See if your 11 inch block is the finished size rather than unfinished. This could be the 1/2 inch difference. Hope this helps
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      Re: Turnabout Granny Squares Pattern

      I watched the tutorial also! It’s great, isn’t it??
      The printed pattern is where I saw the 2 measurements. I used an 11-1/2” sash and “eased” block to fit — it really made block wonky/puckered. My finished blocks are 11”, so I will use the 11” strips..
      Just made me wonder if there was a place on website for corrections to printed patterns — not that I EXPECT it, but want to check before I start another!!



        Re: Turnabout Granny Squares Pattern

        The PDF that you can access via a link in the info under the You Tube tutorial and the pattern in BLOCK Vol 6, Issue 3, say the block size is 11" finished (sewn into the quilt). The BLOCK pattern also says to use a scant 1/4" seam. If your 1/4" seam is more generous, this could make your unfinished blocks smaller than 11 1/2". You're right to cut your sashing length to match your unfinished block size.
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