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Block Celebrate 2019 Vol 6 Issue 2

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    Block Celebrate 2019 Vol 6 Issue 2

    I noticed this Block Magazine is out. I have not received mine. I'm asking if this issue is part of the regular subscription or is it a special issue like the MOD Block.

    Re: Block Celebrate 2019 Vol 6 Issue 2

    I received mine in the mail on Friday. I didn't order it separately, so it must be part of the subscription.


      Re: Block Celebrate 2019 Vol 6 Issue 2

      Thanks. I was only wondering because I thought all the issues came with your subscription and then found out the MOD does not so this one being a celebration seamed special so I wasn't sure. Looking forward to receiving my issue. But I have to say it drives me crazy when I see it for sale and I haven't gotten mine yet.


        Re: Block Celebrate 2019 Vol 6 Issue 2

        Georgie Girl
        I received my BLOCK magazine today.....I say this every single time I get the BLOCK magazine in the mail "This is my FAV ISSUE of the Block Magazine hands down."

        Of course I have enjoyed them all. I just recently started going through the ones I received while I wasn't feeling so great as well.

        ************************************************** ****************
        Here's something I noticed on PAGE 49 the article is about Ron & Jenny's Doan's kids.....and after reading the article, it dawned on me that only 6 of the kids were mentioned???????
        Did anyone else notice this?
        The article mentioned :
        *************But......Isn't there a 7th child (named Jenna?)**************************
        Maybe I didn't read the article correctly, but I didn't see the 7th Doan child mentioned????

        So, perhaps even after reading the article 2-3 times, and counting else name of a Doan child, maybe I overlooked something and the actual 7th name is mentioned ????
        Did anyone else notice this?
        BTW....I loved the article!!
        Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

        "I miss the me I was when you were here"