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Dimensions of Table used in tutorials?

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    Dimensions of Table used in tutorials?

    I would like to have a quilting table made for me that is the same dimensions as the one you use in the tutorials. Will you measure it for me and let me know the length and width of the table top and the height of the table? It appears to be just what I need for my new quilting room. Thanks!

    Re: Dimensions of Table used in tutorials?

    Janet - you said that you want a new table in the same dimensions that you saw in a tutortial.
    Can I just say that I picked up a wonderful book at a yard sale today titled 'Dream Sewing Spaces'. There is a section in there about the height your table should be just for you.

    Countertop height for pressing and cutting (with scissors) is 3-4" below your mid-elbow when your arm is is bent. (Stand and put your arm down beside your side. Then raise the front part of your arm 90 degrees.) The 3-4" is below your elbow.

    Countertop height for using a rotory cutter should be 6-8" below the elbow when your arm is extended at 90 degrees.

    I just measured my table height and it is 12" below my elbow so it does seem a little low even though I never realized it.

    So, take the advice for what it is worth to you - I was just quoting what the one book said hoping it might help you if you are having a table made for you.

    Good luck!
    quilting trish