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How to make "Summer In The Park" larger

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    How to make "Summer In The Park" larger

    Hi Natalie and Jenny:

    I am making this quilt and would love to make it bigger. Maybe queen size or larger.
    I can make a larger border but I am thinking that more blocks would help. I only
    have one jelly roll in this print and can't get more. I am using the white jelly roll
    with it as per your tutorial. I have some solid color jelly rolls too.

    Any suggestions?


    Re: How to make "Summer In The Park" larger

    I would take the solids that work with your print and mix them in with the prints so you can get more strip sets for example the strip set that uses the two white and one colored strip you can add your solid colors to that strip set this will increase the number of the blocks you can make. If you start looking like your running short add a solid and a print to the two color one white set.
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