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    Much Love

    I don't know where to post a thank you a Love you note or just the joy in having Missouri Star as part of my life. I thank you for the fantastic, wonderful. no advertising book, BLOCK. I just received a back issue that I wanted to do a quilt of, the people on this site were so very very gracious in finding me the correct Month the quilt was I wanted to make.

    I want to give you guys a big batch of the flowers you love most and now all your hard work, is appreciated. I want you to give yourself a hug today because I don't know much about quilting but I know about love.

    there is love in this magazine. My heart can't say enough good about tit cause I don't know all those big words you go to college to learn. But the one that I love the most no matter what grade is school you attend is


    Re: Much Love

    That was very nice, & I'm sure the message will be passed on. They do a great job.