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    Quilt Binding

    Hi Ladies,

    I just joined July 19th. I have been watching the tutorials tonight. They are great. But the one about binding only shows how to miter the corners on the first side. When the lesson goes to the special stitch on the other side, nothing is said or taught about how to turn the mitered corners and sew them down.

    Is there a video for that? I've looked and I don't see one.

    Thanks for a great web site!

    Linda C
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    Re: Quilt Binding

    Is that the video that shows you how to stop 1/4" from the end (I always back space here for a few stitches), then cut it off. Then turn your quilt, lift up the fabric and fold it down and start sewing right at the very top of the quilt and sew down. When I finish getting the binding sewn down, I take it to the ironing board. First I lay it down so the top of the quilt is up. I press the binding out. Then I flip it over and press the binding down like I am ready to handstitch it down.
    When you start to handstitch it and get to your corners, just try to pop out your corners when you get to them and just fold in one side and then fold down the next one over the first side. the next. You should be able to do this quite easily. I always start and stop handstitching in the middle of the bottom somewhere. Don't make your thread too long since it could get tangled. And I always use a double thread - I just think it holds it better.
    Good luck. I don't know of a video that shows you how to fold down the corner.

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      Re: Quilt Binding

      Linda, Which binding tutorial are you watching - the one about how to bind the regular way where the binding is sewn on by machine to the front and turned to the back and handstitched....or the one about binding with a sewing machine where it is sewn to the back and brought to the front and machine stitched with a decorative stitch???

      If you are wanting to bind the regular way, every edge is sewn the same way and the corners are done the same. When you handstitch your binding to the back you can form the miters in the corners by smoothing one edge pretty much to the corner and folding the binding to make a nice miter. Take a few tiny stitches to hold the miter and continue sewing your binding.

      If you are binding by machine, as you come to the corners you have to pretty much shape the miter and hold it as you approach it and slowly and carefully sew to the center of the miter, put your needle down and turn your quilt so you are aimed to sew down the next side and continue sewing.

      This is pretty vague, I'm afraid. It's easy to see it in my head but not so easy to say. I recently watched both tutorials and thought Jenny covered every detail pretty well. When you get time maybe you shoulld re-watch the tutes and see if it clears things up. If not, come back here and we'll try to help you out.....Don't get frustrated. Plenty of help is available to you here....Barb

      Scottie Mom Barb