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    Suggestion for Tutorials Page

    It would be very convenient to be able to enter the name of the tutorial one wants to watch in the search box, then have that tut. pop up. As it is, the search box does not allow this, and one has to scroll through all the various pages to find the tut. It's quicker & easier to find the desired tut. on YouTube, which is what I usually do. JCY

    Re: Suggestion for Tutorials Page

    Go to K. McEuen's page, you can find her name if you click on community, then find her under K, she is the second name on th list. She has listed all the tutorials and has the links to them. Sometimes you think the name of the tutorial is different than the actual name and can't find it.

    Or go to the tutorial section on the forum page, it is listed as a sticky thread right at the top of the page.