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    Quilts on Display

    I would absolutely LOVE if, somehow, the MSQC could provide us with the number of charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc., that were used for each of the quilts that are on display at the MSQC.

    For instance, I love the X's & O's quilt, but can't figure out how many charm packs I would need to make a certain size quilt. If I knew how many were used in the display, I would know whether I needed to add more or less in order to make the size I'm looking for.

    Better yet, if Jenny, or someone at MSQC could say, 'to make this quilt in twin, you need "X" number of charm packs, for a double, you need "X" number, etc. I think that would be SO helpful.

    If that's already been done, please point me in the direction of where to find it.


    Re: Quilts on Display

    I agree with you. That would be great.


      Re: Quilts on Display

      Ladies, while not a complete answer to your question, check out this website for the number of packets needed for a given size quilt:
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        Re: Quilts on Display

        quilters math - hahahahahahahaha
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          Re: Quilts on Display

          I bought the Victoria charm pack- 56 pieces. I have added 1 yard of muslum and 2 yards of a green fabric for a front/top quilt that will make a twin size topper. I need to order another pack for the border and Then is should be ready for the layering and quilting step.

          Pattern I used? Pinwheels Muslum is the contrast color of the pinwheel, and green 3 x 5 bands between each .. --- OK, so I can't spell muslum..muslim?? No I can't download anymore programs on this beast...DD#2 will dis own me.

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            Re: Quilts on Display

            Granny Judy..thank you so much for you link to your imagination. I have several Victoria charm packs and didn't know what I wanted to do with them. Your idea is superb...may I copy your quilt? I do hope you are feeling better.
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              Re: Quilts on Display

              I looked on the Quilting Quickly Course materials list, there are a few things on there. After reading through for the different quilts, it's all determined by which block you are doing. I think that's the reason they don't tell you. This is what was on the list.

              D9P, Charms 1x40 baby size, 3x40 lap, 5x40 twin, 7-8 queen, 10 packs king.

              Super Easy Pinwheel Charms 2x40 lap size, 6x40 queen.

              Jelly Cakes, 1 Layer Cake and 1 Jelly Roll queen (70x80)

              Altered Squares 1 Jelly Roll and 1 Charm Pack = 48"x56" (add the piano key border and other borders it comes out to queen 70x80

              Strip Quilting 1 Jelly Roll 60x76, 1 Honey Bun 40x40 baby quilt, 2 Jelly Rolls queen, 2 Honey Buns twin or full

              The first quilt in the course was a 4-patch, I used 3 Charm Packs and mine came out to 55x46
              This is the numbers they gave for the types of blocks in the course, I hope it helps a little.
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                Re: Quilts on Display

                I'm using 5 charm packs to make a twin. It will have a border of 4" and then a binding. There is a tutorial for the charm pack quilt under tutorials. Hoe that helps some.
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