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    I know this is the section that I am supposed to use to ask the "girls" and I don't know you personally, but what I have read so far, you are not a girl. Ummmm... "young single good looking computer GUY" was a good hint. I didn't see an area to ask the YSGLCG, so I picked here to post this.

    How bout you throw up a introductions thread under the we don't know much but we know quilters section? I have assumed that we are supposed to introduce ourselves in the General Discussion thread, but I have seen introductions all over the place on here. They are really starting to clutter up the fabric giveaway thread. If they have one place to obviously be, maybe people will all start to post them there.

    You don't have to do it, but your site is growing and I think that it may be a problem in the future if you don't nip it in the bud now. Also it would be nice to recommend people to use their user name as the subject of their intro posts. It cuts down on "Hey, I'm New" and "This is my First Post" as the subject line on all the posts. It would look more like a list of members that you can browse through and read up on the info that each member chose to share. Clustering them all together also gives your members with outgoing personalities a chance to greet all the new members more easily if they choose to do so. Who doesn't like a nice little welcome reply as a newbie? It make you feel welcome and at home.

    I think you could do with your own thread under "the girls" thread in the MSQC section also. Lots of people don't understand how boards work and they could put their technical questions there. After all, aren't you part of the MSQC? What would these boards be like without you?

    Just my two cents here. Two pennys may be worthless to you, but if you rub them together, you will at least get a little heat from the friction.
    My user name is FunkiQuilter, but you can call me Funki for short. (Pronounced Funky.) I inherited the name from my cousin because of my love for unusual things.