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Frustrated with Drop-Down Chat Box

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    Frustrated with Drop-Down Chat Box

    I already have e-mailed M* this problem w/o a resolution. I've very frustrated with how the chat box drops down & basically obliterates the page for viewing the products or placing an order. There seems to be no way to "X" out of it. I very much would like to order the Kaffe Fassett DD today, but I cannot access my login or see to place an order b/c the box is in the way! Grrrrrr! Does anyone else have this problem?
    M* is quickly losing my business because of this issue.

    That's frustrating.

    What I hate is all the pop up messages on every new page. Very annoying.
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      Joy, it must be a setting on your computer because my chat box is less than an inch big and is at the bottom right of my screen. Maybe a pop up blocker would help.
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        How do I do a pop-up blocker?

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        It depends on your browser. Google "how to turn on pop up blocker on ____(your browser)"

        It should be in your browser settings. Mine is Safari and if I click on it in the toolbar there's a drop down that says "settings for this website" so I can also choose to do it this way. Maybe yours has something similar.
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      if somethings in way I normally drop the zoom from 90% to 67%
      thats normally accessed via 3 lines or dots on right


        Ihave the same problem ... when I spoke with someone at MSQC they had me eliminate all my history which eliminated my icons which I then had to have someone re-install. Frustrated with the drop down box ... don't get why this is so difficult. I get it, I am not computer literate and am doing the best that I can. Vent over!


          Joy, are you accessing the M* site from your phone? Or from a computer?

          On my phone (an iPhone, using Chrome browser) this is what I see when I go to


          At some point it changes to this:


          The prompt to open chat, slides down along the top in orange, partially obliterating their orange banner. To make this disappear, I touch the screen with one finger and pull down, and this refreshes the screen and moves the chat prompt out of the way.

          If I tap on the chat banner, I get this:
          IMG_5507.png To get rid of it, the back/forward arrows at bottom don't work. If you tap the downward pointing V near the upper right corner in the line where the Missouri Star logo and store name appear, this takes me back to the home page (first picture).

          Unfortunately, they've sold out of the Kaffe deal and are featuring a layer cake (Wander Lane 10" squares) as a replacement.
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            Joy, I have had this happen and sometimes out of frustration I click on the chat and then I see an x where I can decide I don't want to chat and sometimes it says are you done and I click yes and it goes a way.
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              This is all I see on my laptop. The chat box shows up when I click it. Does this icon show on your computer screen?

              C Box.jpg

              Another click toggles it on/off and it goes away. Hope that helps.
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                This morning, I reduced the size of my page & was able to see the 3 dots in a row. Clicked on that to close the chat. Hope that corrects things. I think the reason it kept dropping open is because there was a prior unresolved chat that was not completed. Thanks for all the suggestions.

                Brian ~ I access M* via my lap top. I don't have a cell phone with internet access.


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                  Glad the issue is resolved for you.

                Thank you, Everyone! Used the above advice and the drop down box is gone! Doing my happy dance! Thanks again!