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    presser foot question

    Good Morning!

    I'm so inspired by your quilting tutorials that I've bought some charm packs and jelly rolls. Before I start putting them together, I need to ask a silly question. As I've never quilted before I'm really unsure what presser foot to use. I only have the original foot from my very inexpensive singer sewing machine. Do I need a special presser foot to be able to quilt?


    Re: presser foot question

    Good morning and welcome to the addiction!!!

    Please know up front this is just my personal opinion and others may agree or disagree as there are several different modes of thinking. So...

    When I sew my pieces together whether they are charm squares or jelly roll strips, I use a 1/4" foot so I know I'm getting an accurate 1/4" seam on everything. Once I am ready to begin quilting, I use a walking foot on my sandwich which provides an even feed on all layers of my sandwich. If I plan on doing any free motion quilting, I use my darning foot with the feed dogs down.

    Now, if you get all these feet separately it can get pricey, if they even carry the specific ones for your machine. If not, there are generics of each of these feet depending on the shank of your machine. If its in your budget to get another machine, I would recommend the Brother SQ-9000 which you can get at Walmart for less than $200 and it comes with all the feet you need for quilting as well as sewing. My wonderful husband got it for me for Christmas and I've already quilted a quilt on it and I loved it.

    If you have any other questions, please just ask. That's what we're here for!

    Good luck & again, welcome to the addiction!



      Re: presser foot question

      Thanks for the info. I have my eye on that one for DD's birthday.
      She's the only one that doesn't have a machine because she still lives @ home and uses mine.

      BTW she's turning 21 and has been quilting since she was about 10. she's tackled patterns i wouldn't attempt.
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        Re: presser foot question

        I tend to use the presser feet in an order similar to what double up uses, however, you don't NEED a special presser foot. As long as there is some way of knowing where a quarter inch is you're in good shape. if you are planning to machine quilt you will need a presser foot that allows more free and even movement of all layers of fabric ( a darning or free motion foot ) A walking foot works great when machine quilting in straight lines.

        Here are a few ways of marking or finding your quarter inch to use with your basic presser foot.

        1- Masking tape. Pull your needle down in the default position and measure from the needle 1/4" to the right and mark it with masking tape or permanent marker or anything else you are will to mark on your machine with. Permanent marker is well permanent and masking tape will eventually peel and likely leave a little residue behind but they both allow you to consistently find 1/4"

        2- Find the correct needle position. Most machines allow you to move your needle to multiple positions. If you have the option of any more than right left and center you can grab your ruler and adjust your needle until it is in the correct position to be 1/4" from the right edge of your presser foot. Note the needle position, and sew with the fabric along the edge of your standard foot and have fun! You will very likely have to change the needle position at some point so make sure you know where the correct position is for resetting to the 1/4" position.

        Good luck!
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