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Where are we with the 'fixing' of things that are not working here?

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    Where are we with the 'fixing' of things that are not working here?

    It is just a simple question, no disrespect intended. BUT, is there any progress on fixing what isn't working? The calendar and user notes for example come to mind.
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    Also can't edit personal info or remove date if birth or albums.

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      We're somewhat at the mercy of the support system for the software, but we ARE still working on it!


        Can anything be done about.....threads disappearing off of New Topics list after you click on one to read it. If you try to go back to it later under New Topics, it is no longer there. Thanks.
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        • Claire Hallman
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          I actualy love that feature. If you need to go back you can always do a search.

        • LauraP
          LauraP commented
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          Use latest activity instead. Once you've looked at the post the computer no longer recognizes it as new. If anyone has commented on it recently it will show up in the latest activity heading.