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    New Header for home page

    When I logged in this eve. I noticed the new header at the top of the page, "Your Quilting Home." Very nice!

    Ooh, that is nice!

    And we must be behaving better. They've taken down the ever-present reminder to "Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting a Hard Battle"!

    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


    • Granny Fran
      Granny Fran commented
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      Be Kind is still there. Click on forums at the top and it will appear.

    • jjkaiser
      jjkaiser commented
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      Behaving better, LOL

    • MSN
      MSN commented
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      If each of us "has a reputation beyond repute," we must be behaving better!

    It looks very Missouri like. They should change out the quilt once a week. 😁
    🌺 Lorie


    • JCY
      JCY commented
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      Oh, that avatar is so cute!

    • Hulamoon
      Hulamoon commented
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      Thanks! It came from a tee shirt company I ran across. If you want the tee, I can go track it down for you.

    • JCY
      JCY commented
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      Nope, don't need the tee. Considering all that's going on with this C-19, I thought it was a cute & appropriate avatar pic.

    I like it! cat-goldfish.gif
    Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

    "I miss the me I was when you were here"


      very nice,
      the quilt shown today is
      Also noticed the colours have changed on forum, fading and surrounds, plus the reputation line.👍😁


        haha I thought I was on the wrong page at first.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          Pretty. I think it also has a very comforting serene feeling. Good selection of graphics, colors and placements :-)

          Women are Angels. When someone break's our wings we will continue to fly-usually on a broomstick.We're flexible like that.


            Thank you for noticing! We're still working on it... there's some technical weirdness with the Your Quilting Home header that we're fighting (we believe it might tie into a few other things we're also fighting), but glad you like it! The color changes (not my work, but I love it) are just so we can feel it's more Our Home, not somebody else's that we happened to stumble into on accident.


              Originally posted by 201 Treadler View Post
              the reputation line.
              Is that what those colored bars are under our names?
              I guess I don't belong to enough forums to know that was even a thing!

              Now I need to go check my signal strength! 😆

              Be who you are and say what you feel
              because those who mind don't matter,
              and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



              • 201 Treadler
                201 Treadler commented
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                it is new here, your orange line, reads 'has a reputation beyond repute'
                just move mouse over it brings up the wording, the wording changes with how many thanks you receive. 😁

              • toggpine
                toggpine commented
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                THAT is hilarious! Thank you!

                Apparently, it doesn't work the same way on my vintage iPad. It just wants to know if want to copy that feature.