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  1. New swap is posted! REVERSED Jacobs Ladder ...Neutral tone on tone ladders with bright happy flowered backgrounds. capped at 25 players - would you like to play? everyone is welcome and you have mastered the block by now -- will be supper fassssssssssssssst!!
  2. have you gotten started on putting together your Fancy Floral blocks? mine are nearly complete - will post picture when they are all together and i am wrapped in the love of them thank you again for playing!!
  3. Hi are you doing ok? we miss hearing from you in the swap
  4. New Swap is posted 3Dudes for Christmas Join the fun !!
  5. oh and yes - this is exactly to right place to post this message YAY! love my quiltylady friends!!
  6. LOVE your cottage roses blocks! I was thinking of basing a entire swap on them! maybe next spring (got a fun holiday in mind first!) so glad you are playing - fun fun fun
  7. Hi Suzi. Thanx for being my friend! & thanx too for the encouragement with these swap blocks. I hope this is the right place to post this BTW Love your block! Am SO excited about this swap!
  8. hi so glad you are playing in the Floral Swap - fun fun fun and no quilt police in our swaps. please let me know if I can help with anything! hugs, suzi
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