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  1. Cyndi, I would love for one of the kids to have this quilt. I still have to sandwich it together. What timeline are we looking at? I can start pulling it together tomorrow and should be finished in about a week. Is that good for you?
  2. Hi Coleen, We have three new kids coming just for Friday but they will be in our lives for a long while. Would you like to donate your quilt to one of them? There is a 7 year old boy, a four year old girl and a three year old boy. Say no if you already have a home for the quilt! Cyndi
  3. Not yet! No new kids here. Thanks for the offer!
  4. Cyndi, re: my jar quilt, I don't have anyone in mind for it. Is it needed your way?
  5. Thank you Cyndi for all of your kind words about my quilts. On one of them you asked if it was a BOM, yes it was. It's called Jamestown. I had to buy special templates to make it in the class I was in. Once the fabric was cut it was fun to do but the points were often hard to get right. : )
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