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  1. Hey there, how are you doing? How's the foot? How have you adjusted now that you've made it part way through?
  2. Thanks for your concern Deb. Yes I am out of work for a while. so..... I do enjoy hand work, I haven't hand pieced in years but I can. I have a couple small quilt tops done that I can hand quilt , just need DD to get them for me.I sew in the attic-no one bothers me up there. My grandma hand pieced and quilted so to me that is the ultimate quilt. Most of mine are done on machine but I have a real love of the handmade ones. We still have a couple of Grandma's quilts. They are well worn, they were used on our beds when i was growing up.
    I come from a family of avid readers so they will keep me supplied with books but I will keep your offer in mind. I can always use inspiration for later.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear the doctor's orders for the next six weeks - I don't blame you for not being a happy camper. Are you at all interested in hand sewing or hand quilting? That's how I started my quilting adventure, doing everything by hand, and it's a really unique look. A hand quilter that I know said it best when she said a hand stitched quilt is just softer than a machine quilted quilt.

    Anyway, here's hoping you enjoy cutting, and find other thrilling stuff to do so that time goes by quickly. I'm assuming you're also out of work until you're all better?

    Do you like to read quilting books? I have about 20 that I've read and will never read again, let me know if you're interested in anything on log cabins, especially, as I have several great books on those.
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