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  1. Carol Ann, again you have taken my breath away with your stunning work. And the amount you achieve also amazes me. Do you sew quickly or often or both?
  2. Thank you Carol Ann for your birthday greeting. I don't know how I missed that earlier. Still catching up I guess.

    I see you have added a whole lot more work to your Albums, I just did a quick scan and will go back and have a proper look soon.
  3. Just couldn't leave home before taking a few moments to acknowledge your special day.
    Happy birthday to you, Mary !
  4. Mary, your are too generous with your praises. Yet you put a huge smile on my face for the day!
  5. Snap, Carol-Ann, I haven't looked around the albums much lately, only checking new pictures as they come up and was just about to call in and tell you that your collection leaves me speechless with delight. You are a very prolific craftswoman indeed and I love your work.

    Thank you for your nice comments, too.
  6. I got drawn back to your albums because of a random photo. I spent far too much time oogling over your body of work . Bravo, Mary !!!!!
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