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  1. Thanks for the welcome back! We had a great time on the cruise, but it wiped us out. I guess we are getting too old to do things like that. I just love sitting on the balcony watching the water go by while drinking a cup of coffee, and the food is just toooo much! We have been sleeping quite a bit, and I hope to download my pics to my computer today. I will post some. If you haven't taken a cruise, you should at least once.
  2. Hi Joyce, Glad you're back....how was the cruise? Hope you had a good time.
  3. Hi Joyce, I know what you mean about spending too much money working in a fabric store. I used to work in So-Fro House of Fabrics a little over 25 years ago (worked there about 5 years, I think). It's really hard to contain yourself when you are unpacking boxes of fabric as big as refrigerators. We (me & co-workers) spent way too much on fabric. It was a good thing they didn't subtract it from our paycheck!! At least on payday we could feel like we made a little bit of money!! I'm pretty close to several fabric stores in my area. We have a Hancock's, Hobby Lobby, Allbrands and 2 quilt shops all within 10 to 15 minutes from my house. I'm working on crazy quilt squares right now....hope your king size quilt is coming along smoothly and hope Penny didn't eat too much batting! Have a good day!
  4. Hi Joyce, I forgot to comment on your king quilt earlier. I looked at the pictures this afternoon. It's really pretty. I like your choice of colors too. I think my favorite block is the star. That's a big project. It going to be so nice when it's finished. Have a great weekend!
  5. You got a great deal on that fabric. I don't go to garage sales or thrift stores, so I miss out on things like that. It helps to find deals to expand your stash. Who said "She who dies with the most fabric wins?" I have so many scraps, I should work on a crazy quilt as well. I have some precuts, too, that I would like to make something out of. Yes, yes, yes, I do love your mother's stained glass window! It is sooooo pretty! She, and you, must be proud of it. My step-daughter dabbles in stained glass, but hasn't done much lately. She is planning on making a room in her basement dedicated to stained glass so that glass shards won't be everwhere. I would love to do it myself, but don't have space nor the money to invest in the equipment. Take a look at my king quilt album. I have been working on blocks for it, and that has been my main focus.
  6. Haha! Hey Joyce....You crack me up! I had to laugh for a minute or two at your comment about my 25 cent fabric. You sound like me and my mom when one of us finds a bargain that the other wants! If I decide to part with any of it I'll let you know first! I'm working on a crazy quilt like Jenny shows in one of her tutorials and I might use the peach pin dot for the back. I told my mom that you wanted her stain glass window....but I think she is probably going to keep it!
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