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Conversation Between Blondie and Cathy F

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  1. Thanks girlfriend for all the nice comments!
  2. Blondie, thanks for the nice comments on the log cabin quilts!
  3. Thanks for the nice comment on my embroidered quilt Blondie! It will be a miracle if it gets finished, I certainly jumped in with both feet and bit off more than I could chew!
  4. Blondie, thank you for the nice comments on my quilts!
  5. Cathy,
    Thanks for joining in on the Pinnie Swap! It will be nice to get mail that is FUN
  6. Yes, Cathy make one and we will swap out. JOIN UP. It's gonna be fun. I am off to fiddle with one today.
    Looking for you!
  7. I saw you new group and it sounds like a fun one to do! Did I understand it correctly, we all make just one and then you'll mix them up and send one out to everyone?
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