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  1. Hi Nena, You asked what a blog is. It's basically a site you can go to that you set up and it's all about you! I started one back in 2009 but haven't kept up with it. If you go to http://quilterblogs.com/updates/ there is a list of blogs that come up. You read some of it and if you want to read more on that person's site, you click on READ MORE, or just keep scrolling down to see what other people are writing about. At the bottom of the page there is an arrow where where you can go to the next page and it goes on and on. Blondie on this site has a blog - just look at where she signs her name on a post and I think her blog is called Vintage Primitives. You can even sign up to make your own blog if you want.
    The address for my blog is http://quiltdreaming.blogspot.com There isn't much on there yet but I hope to be adding more soon.
    I hope this helps to answer your question. Hugs, Trish
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