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  1. Hi Babs, I know what you mean about not getting anything done on this forum........I tell myself 5 more minutes and another 5 and another.... Hope everything goes well with your hip surgery in Oct....will be praying for a speedy recovery! Thanks for the nice comment on my DH's Saints quilt. I had fun making it!
  2. OOOOOOO,, thank you so much.... i have already visited from you other post (i think yours),,, about the baby quilts.... i "hopped right in" and registered.... downloaded the "hobo bag" (a pattern we used to sell about 10 yrs. ago when i worked in local fabric shop...,yikes, i'm getting old....then noticed the "knit and crochet" in the header... This forum is why i get nothing done.... so much to see and communicate... LOL
    I just got home from "hip replacement class"... doing it on Oct3,, so i'm trying to "not think about it",,, but it's not helping me get things done in the sewing room....thanks again,, your a sweetie... hugs Babs
  3. Hi Babs, I just saw this link and thought of you. Hope you like it!

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