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  1. Thanks for the note! I am beginning to think that most ladies that do crafts should be called "Jack". So many of us just love to "create"! I tell people it is because we were made in our Creator's image and enjoy it as much as he did when he created the world. Anyway, I fell in love with sewing when I took a class in 7th grade. My big brother bought my first machine and cheered me on in many textile crafts. I love the feel of fabrics and have learned by trial and error. I also scrapbook, love photography, draw and card making. I use these crafts to encourage others mostly. Sewing is my love, and through quilting, I'm learning I really love to design and integrate art into the fabric design. I love color schemes and really seem drawn to the magic in geometric shapes. I have tons to learn and could waste a lot of time reading the internet in these areas. I wish you lived closer. I would try to learn the art of painting from you!
  2. Hi Debi

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I've tried to sew clothes too. I've taken a few apparel sewing classes and made a few pajamas and easy sundresses but have never been able to master it. I call myself a jack of all crafts but a master of none. I sew, knit, crochet and am a certified One Stroke Painting Instructor but I just started quilting. I hope to master quilting some day. I also hope to incorporate my One Stroke Painting into my quilts someday. I am looking forward to the BOM as I am a lone quilter in my family and I am enjoying the sharing and learning in the forum.

    Looking forward to the BOM!

  3. Hi...I'm Debi. I read in BOM GROUP that you're a newbie and wanted to welcome you. I'm almost a newbie, too. Sewn for years, mostly clothes, but really enjoying piecing and designing the fronts of quilts. Still working on quilting by hand my very first one, although I am lining up more fronts to quilt as I move along.
    Anyway, welcome to the BOM group.
    I'm rambling, but hope you enjoy making new friends!
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