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  1. New swap is posted! Bright Spring Floral Jacobs Ladder .... join now! capped at 25 players
  2. ty, and I do uder stand. and I will look in to ur site. I love making thing, itsa passion of mine.
  3. oh I know Erin and please understand me too. I know how it is... i was a single mom with 2 girls to take care of. every penny counted
    hey, have you ever heard of Premier Designs Jewelry? It is what I do when i'm not sewing LOL - makes good money in very little time. take a look at the website and let me know if you would be interested in selling jewelry to make some partime money www.premierdesigns.com
  4. I cant say sorry enough. I do know u were looking forward to my block, and I understand the dead line on swaps, he is a good person, hes just stress out, we still havent bought gifts for my girls yet, ugh. Ive been beating myslef up over wishing I had my own money to send them, but senc Im a stay at home mommy, it make its hard to do lot of things with one in come. ty suzi for being understanding me, Im good person at heart.
  5. i know - does he understand that you will get back blocks from the other ladies and beable to finish up yours using them?
    I don't want to be a "grinch" - i love doing the swaps they are supposed to be fun - but i have to also enforce mailing dates because if i don't we could be still waiting on not only yours but others until summer - you know what i mean?? it is the hard part of what i do as the hostess.
  6. lM SORRY, iVE BEEN FIGHTING THE HUBBY ON THIS. HE DOSENT UNDER STAND THE SWEP, he dose want to paid for someone esl to finsh it up. its hard its taring me up inside. I know I send I would do the swep, maybe I should of wait intell after the holidays, he become the grinch around this time, So I can say sorry for him, and me. :"(
  7. so you are not going to beable to send your blocks bummer
  8. well I dont thank so. I wont get paid intell monday. and I all ready feel bad that I didnt get them sent off along time ago. Im sorry, Im so slow.
  9. hi erin - are your blocks ready ready?? will they be IN THE MAIL to me on friday?? please let me know - thank you and Merry Christmas!
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