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  1. LOL! That sounds fun! It's great being part of a group of people who share your interests... I am part of a small group, of ladies I met when I first moved here. They are nice, its very casual...but I feel it would be good to be a part of something a little more organized as well. Guilds versus groups were something I found difficult to understand at first... The guild is a meeting, speakers, etc...not dragging along your machine and sewing for 5 hours... But, it is great for meeting people, and then I guess little groups can form from that point..
  2. Me, my sister and a few cousins started our own guild, the Sassy Quilter's Guild. Two of us have taught them how to sew and quilt. We meet once a month. We hope to branch out eventually! I wouldn't mind joining a bigger guild myself. Will see.
  3. It is a great show, isn't it? I took my DD this year... I haven't missed a year since I moved here in 2002! What guild are you a part of? I am looking to join the Hospitality guild, I think! Thanks for the birthday wishes!
  4. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!
  5. Hey! I live near Chesterfield and me and my quilt guild went to the MAQF! It was our second yearly trip. We love it. It is big though, so we stayed 2 nights this time. I posted some pics on my page. We also spent a lot of money on some really great stuff!
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