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  1. Hi Sue! Thanks for the nice comments on my quilt! How are things coming along with your project?
  2. Hi Sue! Just try cutting out some white and black strips and lay them around one block so you can get the idea and see what you think looks best. If you do decide to go with a narrow strip before the black sashing, I would not cut smaller than a 1" unfinished strip which will end up being 1/2" finished. Narrow borders can get tricky sometimes and look a little "wonky" if the seams are not exactly even. I did a really quick mockup in Photoshop just to give you a rough idea of how a narrow white border can make a nice clean separation of the blocks from the black sashing. You decide what works best for you though....YOU are the creator and artist! It is already beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. Just checked out your albums. HOLY SCHMOLY!
    Thanks for your direction on my quilt. Like I said on the thread, I'll defer to the master craftsman and proceed just as you said!
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