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  1. thanks for the photo comments gramma! the feathered quilt is NOT fmq - i posted a thread about it - the machine embroidered quilt! all done on the embroidery machine!!!!! so i'm no more advanced than before! and i laughed at the purple quilt comment as that was my first ever quilt from wayyyyyy back in aug. 2011! i guess some of these old photos get shuffled up the rotation! regardless, thanks for the sweetness!
  2. you must have that little bell, that let's you know when you get a comment...
    am sitting here , back killing me... waiting to hope into my suit for water aerobics... it really helps..
    i have NEVER been this incapacitated... !! or in this much pain for so long...
    calling doc. when i get back... have a great day!!!! hugs B
  3. Thanks for the youtube comment, Gramma! You're quick this morning!
  4. whoa.... you certainly have accomplished a lot in a short time... seems you are a natural with color, structure,stitching... and pattern... i love all your work... are you doing free motion as well??? Keep up the good work,,, i so enjoy it... Barbara
  5. Must say thank-you, grammababs, for the sweet photo comment (blue quilt). Appreciate the encouragement!
    - Angie
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