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  1. Aloha Klasien,

    Glad that it made it too you! Now you can play Dresden.

    I got the card with Douwe's quilt photo so you have the right address. I'm sure your crochet instructions will be here any day now. It's always a guessing game on how long the mail takes.

    Enjoy the ruler DF.

    Doeg, Ruby en Don
  2. Hi Ruby!!

    Today the mail came!!!

    Thanks so much for sending the ruler, I am more than Happy with this one, can't wait to give it a try!!!

    Did you get the pattern yet that I have send you? More than a week ago, I think maybe two weeks.....I've mailed it the same day as I mailed the Comfort Quilt Blocks to Blondie.
    I hope it will get to you soon!


    (did you ever get the picture and little card after Douwe's quilt, if not I might have a mistake in your address .... )
  3. Wow, that was fast, mailed it on Monday. Super Sonic Airmail LOL

    Thought Jan might like that Calendar when you guys look at the Atlas with it. Enjoy the magazines, you can pick a quilt pattern when you're done with Douwe's quilt.

    Huggers, Ruby
  4. Hi Ruby!!!

    Thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!
    The mail came today, and I love the magazines and the calander!

    Thank you so much for thinking about me!!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Aloha Klasien,

    Thanks for the link! Perfect timing too. I was looking to do a Hawaiian piece with modern sewing techniques.

    Can you PM me your address. I have some new quilt magazines that I want to send you, some during my trip, forgot I have subscriptions on some. lol They were waiting for me when I got home. Duh. But I thought of you right away.

    Love to all, Ruby and Don
  6. Dear Ruby!

    Moda has a new pattern and I thought of you right away..........this is so beautiful and so right for you little piece of paradise!


    Hope you like it!

    Have a great sunday and say hi to Don.

  7. The link did work fine, thank you for sending it, that really helped out.
    I asked my daughter to get me some, so in a couple of weeks I'll have it.

    Make sure you let me know the next time you will cross the ocean and visit the Netherlands!!!

  8. Hi Ruby!

    Happy mothersday!!!

    Thanks for the offer of collecting the crockpot recipes....I would really like that.

    I hope you have a great time in CA, enjoy every minute of it!!

  9. Hallo Klasien.

    Bedankt voor het pattroon! Hehe!

    Doeg, Ruby
  10. Hi Ruby,

    Thanks for your comment on my quilt top! So funny to read your dutch stories!

    This is the pattern that I used.


    It was not hard at all, it was a lot of fun! I started cutting last night, worked on it all day and it's done!
    Now the quilting, I think just straight lines.....the FMQ is something I'm still afraid of.......

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