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  1. Thanks Angie for the compliment on the Dresden Flower Garden. Your idea for the quilting in the star part really made it all come together. So give yourself some credit for this one.
  2. LOL! Angie, I did miss your post. There was about a month or so that I didn't check in. I'm still hit and miss. But I still think you are an awesome fmq-er!
  3. thanks, bec, for the sweet photo comment...BUT...i did not fmq that piece. i guess you missed my thread post, but it's all done on the embroidery machine!!!! you can search 'machine embroidered quilt' for the details! thanks though!!!! have a great day!
  4. Thanks, Bec! I haven't taken the Big Projects class (yet! lol!) because I haven't pieced a large quilt yet...maybe I will tackle that one day. So many fun things to try...I'll be quilting for the next 100 years! I'm glad you don't mind me sharing - I think it's fun to see other peoples progress and growth too. Even if I'm not 100% happy with what I've stitched it always looks a bit better in the morning, later once the pen lines have been washed away, and as more layers of thread get added. It's a process...one step at a time. There's no way to get better and more comfortable if I don't do it. I've learned SO much since starting last August - almost my 'quilt anniversary'! I don't think my husband thought I would stick with it and 'get into it' as much as I have. I am just watching the next lesson and then have to go to bed! ZZZZzzzz...night, night!
  5. Angie, I checked out your blog...very cool! I'm going to try the cranberry muffins. I have a recipe for orange cranberry bread that's really good, but probably not as good for you as your recipe. I love the video you made to go with the recipe, too. I also ordered the Bundles of Fun book that you seem to like so much. I've only looked at a few of your categories, but I'll be visiting again, soon.
  6. lol, Bec! No, I'm not...but sweet of you to think so! Have a great day!
  7. Angie, take a look at this runner. I think it would be awesome in the right fabric and colors. http://quiltbug.com/free/table-topper.htm
  8. Thanks for the compliment on the baby quilt. I got the train engine off of a free coloring pages site and reduced it to the size I needed. Then I made a template for it. I drew the train cars and caboose and made a template for them. I had to draw the outlines onto the quilt and then used the center of a spool of quilting tape to make the wheels. It was a little bit of a hassle, but turned out pretty good.


    Oh man! I just realized that I was going to put some puffs of smoke coming out of the smoke stack after I got the binding on and I totally forgot!
  9. Hi Bec! I love that spray basting! I've only done the one quilt, with this one ready to go, and about 10,000 test squares. My machine is just fine. Patsy Thompson (who recommends the spray) says that she used to worry about 'gumming up' her machine but has had NO problem ever with it. Sometimes there would be a glue blob on her needle and she used to be freaked out about it and remove it but then she said she stopped and it just disappears with no problems. So I don't have a lot of experience but so far so good and I can't imagine doing it any other way! Thanks for looking!
  10. Angie, thanks for showing how you spray baste your quilt. I want to start using the spray. How did your machine react to it?
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